About Us

Revitalize Your Body, Transform Your Life

Say goodbye to old habits and embrace a new, empowered you. It’s time to revitalize your body and transform your life for good!


Luminashape offers personalised slimming treatments for both men and women, encouraging a collaborative journey to achieve the ideal physique without using hard sell tactics.

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of treatment possible, safely and reliably, using cutting-edge technology and one-on-one consultations to ensure a thorough understanding of your specific objectives and preferences. We believe in transparency and are dedicated to providing safe and effective slimming solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

With a passion for beauty, we provide a comprehensive range of beauty treatments, including body slimming, facials, and eye treatments, to help individuals overcome lifestyle choices and achieve their beauty goals. Our skilled team provides tailored aesthetic treatments based on body analysis and personal objectives, ensuring comfort and relaxation in a comfortable setting.

We promise a confident, radiant experience with no hard sell, with the goal of providing the best possible experience for your transformative slimming journey.


Shape your ideal silhouette, boost confidence, and embrace a new you. Elevate your body, elevate your confidence.


Providing high-quality technology-enabled equipment that can help customers achieve visible results while maintaining loyalty.

No Hard Selling

Team approach with professionally trained, experienced, and friendly staff who focus solely on your specific needs with no hard sells.

Quality Care

Providing high quality treatments and products that are tailored to individual customers’ needs.

Value For Money

Reasonable price with no compromise on quality quality while also offering value for money treatments.

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