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Legenda 448khz

What is Legenda?

Legenda is a treatment that utilizes high-frequency waves at 448 kHz to deeply penetrate the body, generating heat in a painless manner. This process targets the fat layer, fascia layer, and even visceral fat in the deep parts of the body. The aim is to provide a rejuvenating experience, helping reshape the body and boost confidence.


$298 30mins

CET (Capacitive Electrode Transfer) 

targets superficial tissues within 3-5cm of the skin, focusing on firming and anti-aging effects. It aids in restoring blood vessel elasticity, rebuilding the microcirculation system, and supplying more nutrients to fibroblasts. By enhancing collagen synthesis, improving reactive oxygen flow in cells, and restoring cell viability, CET aims to rebuild the reticular layer for improved skin health.


$298 30mins

RET (Resistive Electrical Transfer)

Aiming at the  skin deep tissues of 6-8cm for visceral fat, the effect is deep repair to help dissolve and soften deep stubborn fat, and excrete fat through the circulation, while alleviating joint pain and draining the body from cold. Effectively improve muscle tension, eliminate lactic acid, clear the meridians, and make every cell in the body perform aerobic exercise!


Our priority is your comfort. Legenda 448khz procedure is a non-invasive procedure. It is a comfortable and painless way to achieve your desired body goal.

Results may vary from individual body reactions. Most of our clients will be able to notice a difference immediately after the treatment, however, there is a cumulative effect as time passes.

Due to the complexity of Legenda 448 kHz treatment, we require all clients to attend an initial free consultation. This allows us to assess all your needs and create a personally tailored course of treatments so you get the best results.

Straight after the session, you will feel a warm sensation in your body for the following 8 to 10 hours.It activates various functional activities of the human body, reduces subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, and improves sub-health (wellness) like shoulder pain and fatigue relief.

There’s no down time and no side effects at all. You may resume your normal daily activities immediately. After the treatment, there may be short-term redness on the treated area.

Treatment Benefits

Fat Reduction – Body Contouring – Non Invasive – Instant Result – No Recovery Time

Effect of Legenda 448khz 

CET efficient

(1) Promotion tightening, beautiful white and tender skin.

(2) Controls dark sores and improves wrinkles.

(3) Burns fat and reduces the pain.

(4) Increases skin elasticity.

(5) Tightened postpartum relaxation and relieves muscle pain.

(6) To relax the stiff joints.

(7) Was assisted with the import of the essence.

RET efficient

(1) Lymph Detox.

(2) Blood circulation.

(3) Repair of cells, nerve, skeletal, muscle, and ligament.

(4) Regulates endocrine.

(5) Improves sleep.

(6) Brighten the skin tone.

(7) Improves chest descent and hyperplasia problems.

(8) Body shape and orange skin problems with the legs.

(9) Weight Loss.

(10) Burns visceral fat.