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A new Orchard Road salon for fat & weight loss

28th February 2024 by Cherry Lai  3 Min Read


With the plethora of trendy diets, weight loss plans and workout classes on the market, it’s so hard not to feel like a headless chicken when attempting to try them all – burning ourselves out physically and emotionally in the process. Even harder? Finding a solution that truly works for your body in the long run. This predicament inspired SARAH S. to set up her Orchard Road slimming salon, LuminaShape, to help us sustainably and smartly lose weight in Singapore.

Technology as a catalyst for weight loss in Singapore?

“In a world where dedicated gym-goers had reached a plateau in their weight loss journey, I couldn’t help but notice the widespread frustration. Despite their best efforts at the gym, many people struggled to lose weight. This recurring challenge sparked the idea for my slimming business,” says Sarah, who has over 15 years of experience aiding clients in their weight loss journeys.

It then dawned on her: what if technology was the missing link that propels people beyond their fitness plateau? This epiphany motivated her to develop a solution that goes beyond traditional workout routines. “My slimming business was founded on the vision of seamlessly integrating technology into the weight-loss journey. It became more than just a venture; it’s a commitment to enable individuals to achieve their desired fitness goals.”

When science meets personalisation for effective weight loss

Set to open its doors on Orchard Road next month, LuminaShape is a distinctly modern salon. Within the chic, warm interiors, you’ll find a host of cutting-edge personalised treatments for both adult men and women to help them become “their healthiest, happiest self”. The keyword here being personalised.

“In a saturated market, our slimming company stands out with personalised transformation,” says Sarah. “Unlike some competitors who frequently introduce new services without tailoring them to individual needs, we recognise this critical gap. While others provide generic solutions, we understand each person’s unique and go above and beyond checkboxes to tailor cutting-edge technology. We include dietary guidance, lifestyle changes, and unwavering support.”

Sarah believes there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to fitness and weight loss. Rather, it’s a personal journey for each individual. Her team will work with you to formulate a tailored treatment plan that meets specific needs and maximises results. One-on-one consultations take priority, not only to ensure a thorough understanding of your objectives and preferences but to foster long-term relationships and provide support long after the treatment is completed.

Signature high-tech slimming services

From sculpting and toning to visceral fat burn, there are quite a few cutting-edge slimming solutions at LuminaShape you can look forward to:

#1 Ultra Cavitation – Precision Fat Burning. This treatment targets stubborn subcutaneous fats through high-power ultrasonic cavitation. You can expect this non-invasive technology to be effective in addressing fat deposits, beginning with the subcutaneous layers. This technology can target specific small areas of fat and help contour your body.

#2 CelluTrim – Visceral Fat Reduction. To help reduce this type of hidden fat that wraps around your abdominal organs, look to this advanced 448kHz technology. It’s meticulously designed to target visceral fats at their source. Experience a comprehensive approach to fat loss that benefits both your appearance and your overall health.

#3 Muscle Sculpt Pro – Sculpt and Define. Give your muscles a good workout – especially areas that are normally hard to tone. This innovative technology outperforms traditional exercise by utilising intense and rapid muscle contractions (known as supramaximal contractions). Sessions can be personalised to your fitness goals.


Beyond just weight loss in Singapore

That’s not all! With a passion for overall wellbeing and beauty, the team at LuminaShape can help with things like cellulite reduction, targeted toning, and comprehensive wellness plans. While you’re at it, enjoy an extensive range of beauty services such as facials, eye treatments, permanent hair removal and more. Aesthetic treatments are tailored based on thorough body analysis and personal objectives, so you can be assured of feeling and looking your best from the inside out when leaving the salon.

#03-05, 402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard